Enjoy a guided tour of the entire estate.


Meet with us the daily work of a bull breeding ranch.

The ranch at La Capitana is a magical, unique space where visitors discover the vital role bull farming plays in the ecological and cultural heritage of Spain. Experience the day-to-day life of the farm, where dozens of dedicated professionals continue to maintain the legacy of Luis Algarra Polera, who succeeded in breeding a bull of superior quality and nobility. Aurora Algarra, his daughter, has continued her father’s work since 2006.

A visit to La Capitana provides visitors with the opportunity to see, up close, the life and care of the toro bravo, with deeply knowledgeable guides showing you the facilities and function of the ranch, from the pasture in which the animals graze, breed, and rear their offspring to the bullring where young bulls are assessed for fighting potential. Your visit concludes with a traditional Andalusian lunch with spectacular views of the countryside.

Visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the farming of Iberian pigs. With one of the finest groves of cork and evergreen oaks in Seville, our pigs have forage acres of nutritious acorns which form the bulk of their diet during the “montanera period” (October through February). These acorns give our 100% Iberian ham its distinctively rich and delicious flavor, which you can try for yourself..

We have different types of visits
in terms of duration, privacy and complementary activities.

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Your visit

La Capitana welcomes everybody, adults and children alike to enjoy the natural environment of the countryside.

Visiting times

You can visit La Capitana any time; although we recommend a visit during working hours so you can see the ranch in working action.


The duration of your visit always depends on the activities being carried out, and it will usually be from 2 to 6 hours. It would depend on the season and the work happening on the ranch.

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